Curious about over clocking?

Basically how do you overclock? What are the advanatages and disadvantages?
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  1. Well, if you REALLY want to know what overclocking is about, head on over to and check out their articles and extensive forums.

    There is something to be gained from all the material there. The forums are enjoyed by by newbies and experts. There is most certainly a plethora of interesing reading. :)
  2. Overclock what? For the CPU, you can raise the FSB or change the clock multiplier on unlocked AMD chips.

    The advantages should be fairly evident, it makes it go faster.

    The disadvantages are that it could shorten the life of the thing or burn it out.

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  3. Put that thought back into your head, you'll need to learn more before entertaining it.

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  4. Yes, put that on a burner for now, I read;(hungrily----I might add!!)for about 5-6 weeks on this site and others before I attempted any o/c. It pays to do a lot of research on this subject---BEFORE trying anything!!!!!Take notes,print out site pages etc.Trust me, I'm basically a newbie myself and browsing all the posts in here has given me a lot of good info. And don't forget:ask anytime you get stumped or are not clear on any topic--------the people in here are great for getting back to you!!!!! P.S.---give as much detail in your questions as possible---saves a lot of time!!!! Good Luck!!!!

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