I decided on my keyboard. Whats a good $50-$65 Laser FPS Gaming Mouse?

So I decided what I wanted as my keyboard, the Tt eSports Challenger Ultimate. Now I need an amazing Gaming FPS mouse to go with it, I have been thinking of the Corsair Vengeance M60, the Tt eSports Theron, the Razer Deathadder, or the Gigabyte Krypton. Any other suggestions? All in a $50-$65 budget.
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  1. Go with a frame and weight that will best suite you. Ultimately that is the most important thing. If you get something that is odly shaped and very heavy and you're used to xyz frame and a light mouse for example you'll have a very very hard time getting used to it.

    The M60 is an OK mouse, the sniper button doesn't work how it should, and it doesn't have any customizable macro buttons that a $80 mouse should. The tt eSports and the Kova+ have basically the same features for the same price so I would go with whatever would look and feel nicer to you. The Kyrpton looks like a very solid mouse. I would choose between the Kypton, Kova+ and the Ttesports mouse.
  2. I'd recommend the Deathadder or the Corsair. The Deathadder is one of the frequently used/ preferred mice for gamers, but there seem to be some issues faced by users regarding the left mouse button.

    I've just recently (yesterday) acquired the M60 and have used it for a brief 30-60 mins or so. The mouse seems very comfortable and glided easy. It's more towards a palm grip and not a claw grip. During my stint with the CM Sentinel Advanced, I was a claw grip user. But with the M60, I'm not facing any issues going the palm grip route. The left/ right click buttons are smooth to click but the scroll wheel is a bit hard (which I'm assuming will become better with more use. The scroll wheel itself is a delight to use because of its large area (you can run your finger right down between the two buttons which is a big plus in my opinion).

    So far, it's a sweet mouse!
  3. In my opinion the best FPS mouse in that price range is the Steelseies Sensei [RAW].
  4. That's great that the M60 is a palm grip, because I am definitely not a claw grip
  5. I think I am going to get either the Krypton, Corsair Vengeance M60 or the Razer Deathadder!
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    Used the M60 yesterday for a detailed 6-8 hours and it was a good and comfy experience. Loved the side buttons (including the 'sniper' button). Buttons are all well placed and well within reach, easy to use.

    I'm currently using it on the default dpi settings it came with and they need a little tweaking, which I haven't got around to doing yet. Loved the scroll wheel. The mouse click was a bit hard for the initial hour but then it was smooth. Just adjust the dpi settings as per your preference via the software (which you'll need to download from the website/ web).

    Love the way my finger can sit comy on the wheel all the way down between the left and right mouse buttons. Makes clicking all the more easier as I don't need to lift my finger much for clicking them, especially over extended hours.

    The glide is a little rough but that's because I'm using a sh***y CoolerMaster mouse pad which I've never been much happy with. So, the surface apart it's performing great

    The sniper button is very well thought of and very useful. The button isn't hard to press and well within reach (I have big hands so no probs for me). I'm somewhat between a claw and palm grip., but haven't had any issues on that front with this mouse.

    All in all, I'm very happy with it.
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  8. Thnx, I am going to get the M60 :D! Seems like an awesome looking and well thought out mouse. Can't wait til I get it! Also, do any of you guys know an amazing gaming mouse pad?
  9. I use a cheap steelseries quick mini mousepad and it works great.
  10. From personal experience, I'd recommend you stay away from the CoolerMaster series. The steel series is a good recommendation.
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