Borderlands2 freeze

Borderlands2 freezes while scoping out with sniper rifles.Otherwise it runs ok.i am using latest amd drivers and have tried orochi-ceg but it simply restarts my pc and there is a message that pc has recovered from a serious error. Pls help....
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  1. What are your system specs? Could be a memory issue. Have you tried lowering the settings a bit and playing it?
  2. My specs are intel core2duo 2.66ghz ,2gb ram, sapphire amd 5550 radeon,intel dg31pr mobo,win xp.I suppose at no AA it doesnt freezes but thats not the fix..
  3. The problems I can point out are two:

    1. GPU
    It's a little weak for Borderlands 2

    2. RAM
    2gb is way little. Even if you're on a 32-bit OS, you should get another 2gb of RAM.

    An upgrade to the above would help you out.
  4. I get that my hardware is weak but freezing used to happen on borderlands1 and it was fixed by drivers.can u plz recommend a settings tweak or any temporary fix?
    I am considering to upgrade my ram to 4gb.
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