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Tweaking prefetch/superfetch

Ok, before anybody panics, no I do not want to disable it or clean it out.
I just want to force it to do a better job.
A few weeks after upgrading from 2 GB to 4 GB of RAM, it still doesn't seem to want to cache much more than before. With 2 GB RAM, RAM would always cache until RAM was 95+% full. With 4 GB, it doesn't seem to want to cache past about 2.5 GB (this # includes in-use and all that good stuff). In other words, Prefetching seems to like to keep 1.5 GB of RAM just sitting around, and won't touch it. To me, idle RAM is wasted RAM. I'd like this extra RAM to do something useful, even when it's not being consumed during gaming. Is there a hidden setting that I haven't found yet that messes with the amount or aggressiveness that Win7 will pre/super fetch, or some way to force prefetching of specific files?
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  2. Thanks, the 2nd link posted had an answer in its 2nd page.
    Sorry, but you cannot specify individual files or file types to not preload. You cab only specify it to preload the program files, boot files, or the default of both.

    I guess that means I'll just have to hope prefetch learns some more, and otherwise deal with it and be happy that it prefetches what it does, rather than being upset that it doesn't prefetch enough.

    Thanks for the links!
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