Low FPS in games whats the bottle neck and what do you reccomend?

i recently bought a brand new pc from newegg in hopes of gaming at 1080p in 60fps (thats my vsync)
here is my pc :

Games i play are BF3, Fallout NV and most modern First person shooters. what i was wondering is how can i get 60 fps as of right now on all low settings i get 30-40 fps in 1344x756. i know from experience that i cannot acheive any sort of stable overclocking without BSOD. any suggestions would be splendid ;)
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  1. O_o no suggestions? its probably my GPU but i'm not sure what my options are for upgrading as i am relativly new to pc gaming and my budget is 200-250$
  2. Its your GPU
  3. any idea on what i should replace it with?
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    Probably a Radeon 7850/7870. It would let you do what you want for $200/$250.
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