How well can i run BF3

Hey all

I was wondering if my pc will run Battlefield 3 and what setting would i be able to use...

my pc:

Windows 7 64bit
AMD Athlon ii x2 @ 3GHz
6gb DDR3
Sapphire Radeon HD 6570 2GB

Thank You
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  1. depends on resolution, but it will run, your GPU is weak for anything above medium, but that still looks good, and to be honest you stop looking at the detail when in combat. Your CPU will start to hurt you on high density maps, i.e. higher than full 16x16 maps.
  2. ok thank you

    do you maybe have any suggestions for a good CPU that wouldn't burn a hole in my wallet?
  3. TBH i'd suck it and see, can your mobo take a PH II 965? they are getting a bit rare, but they are the best thing you've got the option of with no new mobo. the FX's are similar in perf to the 965.
  4. ill look into... and if all else fails ill just buy a new mobo and find whats best for my buck

    thank you
  5. the 965 is probably best bang for buck, may be no need for new mobo, what is your mobo?
  6. umm im pretty sure its Hewlett-Packard 3047h...
  7. you are probably screwed then, you might be able to fit a new chip, but they often lock the bios so that they cannot take them.

    whats your realistic budget, and what is your PSU?
  8. My current has 320watt max, but I have already got a better PSU on its way, and am looking for a video card around $200

    i guess ill just start saving and maybe buy a custom built gaming rig to save me all the hassle, then i can just upgrade from there whenever i need too.
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