Gta 4 running extremely choppy on 9800 GT !! Pls HELP

GTA 4 is running extremely choppy on 9800 GT .
I tried 800*600 resolution at everything low and my rig barely managed 15-18 fps..i am worried with this kind of shameful performance...
My rig:
intel pentium D 935 @ 3.2 GHz
2 gbs of ram @ 1366 MHz
9800 GT (512mb)..(unoverclocked)

I know my rig is not good but even at the lowest possible resolution and settings, a frame rate of 15 is too bad...(and that too in gta 4)
Can anyone provide any help.?????
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  1. GTA is a terrible console port they only real way of getting any better performance would be a upgrade in components

    only other suggestions over clock your cpu and graphics cards more and set the best driver config for performance and try and optimize your pc eg no start up items all your services set defragged hard drive etc etc and you can always try this dosnt help that much but its better than nothing good luck
  2. but still man......!!!!
    At a douche bag resolution of 800*600 and every graphics setting on lowest 15-20 fps is awful.....
    I'm sure that 9800 GT is very well capable of handling gta 4 at 720 p and high settings..
    So is it my cpu causing this extreme slowdown??
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    Make sure it is patched to the latest version. Without the patch, my Radeon HD 7870 gets unplayable FPS even on low settings.

    Also, disabling the clip recording in the settings helps too.
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