XP vs Seven ?

hi guys , its too simple , just type 7 or XP infront of each of the questions .

1.Performance of games :
2.Quality of Games :
3.SYSTEM overal speed :
4.Tranfer Speed :
5.Easy Working :
6.more abilities :
7.Which one is for better & Faster Gaming ?
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  1. 7?77777

    64bit if you've got the ram, question 2 is irrelevant, dx11 to dx10, minor differences is all.
  2. it's really a question of the hardware that allows an OS to run fast enough, store enough, handle enough info in one gulp, to make it perform better with games.
    If the computer is lacking in any above, maybe it's time to change the computer instead of the OS.
  3. ok here is my system ,
    CPU: Intel E 2160 1.8GHZ COre 2 Due
    Mobo: P31 DS3L
    RAM: 2x2GB DDR 2 800MHZ
    VGA: 1GB 9600GT GDDR 3

    Now u say , i feel bad about both xp & 7 , i dont know , its seem that game runs better But in same time it seem that it runs worse . ( not sure if quality & Performance get increased on 7 or not ) help me a little . I cant compare them & thats too bad , if u have Pictures that compare 7 & XP game quality , then please show me . to i know .

    i think : fast parts of game on XP performs faster in 7 , & lagy ( SLOW ) parts comes with more lags on 7 , am i right about this ? or its just crazy feelings ?
  4. This article, complete with benchmarks, may help.
  5. Quote:
    ok here is my system ,
    CPU: Intel E 2160 1.8GHZ COre 2 Due
    Mobo: P31 DS3L
    RAM: 2x2GB DDR 2 800MHZ
    VGA: 1GB 9600GT GDDR 3

    OC the CPU to 3Ghz and you will be fine with most games. That's still a decent PC for gaming.

    For OCing: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/245679-29-guide-overclocking-ds3l-updated-2008
    It's for the P35, but BIOS is pretty much the same on the P31.

    FYI: I run this as a back up/spare system with a 8800GS/9600GSO with Windows and it still works fine. Mainly my sister/parents use this and I only use this when friends come over so we can LAN.
  6. But some of them perform faster . they are faster than XP in fast parts , & they get too slow on 7 ( in slow parts , slower than XP ) , I realy dont know which is better to keep . its too hard to compare them .
  7. xp for me , for now ...but why not just dual boot
  8. Oh Dual Boot gonna slow down system alot for sure . u have 2 OS !! it means , oh man , i dont think Dual OS will be good . maybe i am Wrong about that .
  9. Dual boot won't affect the speed of the system at all. The two OSes are totally separate.
  10. I WILL TRY it , thanks .
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