Looking for an old top down pc Mech game

It was a top down "birds-eye-view" game on the PC which was 2d and sort of 3d.

You started the mission as a very small person and could control him and shoot with a machine gun, and also enter tanks and mech robots to go fight against the opposing team.

it was literally JUST LIKE this game on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhZD9IhNh…

You could also fly planes and shoot missles out of them, and also pick up power ups.

This game was a demo i think, or shareware, and i had it on Windows 97/Windows XP so it is old.

ITS NOT "Total annihilation" or "Mechassualt" or Mechwarriors....ive searched so far but cant find this game
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  1. battle tech?
  2. no none of those, it wasnt fully 3d like that, it was top down 100% no side view angles like those games
  3. Quote:
    battle tech?

    I'm with AntiZig, I'm thinking Battletech: The Crescent Hawks Inception / Revenge. Top down 2D, old DOS games. Those games were so awesome.
  4. unfortunatly its not this as well, it is a bit newer then that. The game is most likely not well known since it was a shareware game which came on a cd. im guessing its around windows 97-xp era. maybe it was an indie game but, if i find even one pic of it, ill know what it is instantly. I remember the first level, u had to destroy airplanes at a airport and then the level would be over...idk what to do to find this game :L
  5. Wow, the top "Mech" games at the time were Battletech, Mech Commander and of course Mechwarrior, but that wasn't top down, that was FPS so to speak. You have me interested now.

    I shall join in the hunt
  6. Yea ive been trying to find this game for quite a while...i have found some really old games thus far such as Nitemare-3d and Blades of Exile which were great games that i used to play...im now just trying to find compilation CD's to find out if any of them have the mech game in them...possibly in a Globalstar software or one of those "1000+ games" CD's
  7. Some stuff i remember: Holding CTRL did one type of attack (napalm, machine gun etc.) while space did another.

    You could drive tanks, jets, Mech robots, that all had those different attacks.

    You arent introduced to the flying jets until the 2-3 level.

    The lettering for the games menu or title was sort of 3-d like a wordart font or something.

    Each unit had a small health bar over thier heads.
  8. I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    WOOO!!!! I found the CD where it came from..300 Arcade games :DD

    Took me so long to find it T.T Thanks to all for helping me search :)
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