Tritton vs Turtle Beach

witch one is the better buy? Tritton Trigger vs Turtle Beach x12s
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  1. I would go with the Tritton Tirgger headset because overall the specs are about the same but the Triggers are a bit more durable.
  2. Never heard Tritton and durable in the same sentence. They make literally the most break-prone headphones of any on the market that I am aware of.
  3. LOL!

    When I used to be into console gaming I decided to buy Tritton AX Pro's. They broke when I set them on the ground, completely POS stuff. I returned them and bought AX720's only to find that there was a huge buzzing noise even when everything was plugged in.

    I then decided to swap out for the Astro A30's. Which work great for PC gaming as well! TOSLink FTW!
  4. Like with amuffin, I used to play console. I had Tritton's and they broke in a few months. After that I got Turtle Beach x41's, and they haven't broke yet even though it was like a year and a half ago. I mostly use them for my PC now.
    amuffin said:
    TOSLink FTW!

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