Games not runing on new pc??

Hi guys im new to this site i hear you guys could help me with my Computer Problems :bounce:

So i have this problem launching games on my brand new pc any sugestions??? :kaola:
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  1. Uh could you give a little more info than just 'problem launching games'?? Lol...

    Like what is your system, is it giving you an error message when you open executables, do they open and just crash, what is your OS, are they legit versions of games or ones you 'found'.....?
  2. What games? What PC? What OS? What happens?
  3. I have a problem Launching my Just Cause 2 When i launch it it shows black and does not go in the game I have a Intel Top of the range Computer With Windows Home Premuim...Whay might the problem be??
  4. The Other Game i have a Problem With is Fable 3 It does not launch at all...:(
  5. Btw my Pc is 64bit...
  6. Hi Do you have any Suggestions to my problem?? :??:
  7. Name your PC model and/or the graphics card. You have only told us the problem without any details we can't help.
  8. My PC model is a ZiXAA
  9. Hawkeyes123 said:
    My PC model is a ZiXAA

    Can we have make, model, and specs. Top of the range intel isn't enough info.

    Graphics card:

    As a bear minimum. We may or may not ask for more later.
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