Which P4 CPU should i get?

I've always been on the AMD side because of price but I want to try Intel. I want to get something that will o/c easily to around 2 ghz. Of course price is a concern so around $130 is all i can allocate for a CPU. While im at it, I need help deciding on a motherboard. I'm liking the GA-8PE667 Ultra, but anyone have first hand reviews? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. well you can get a 1.6a for $137+$8=$145 off of pricewatch
    that'll be your cheapest p4 with a good OC, you'll get 2.0 out of that, 133x16 = about 2.1
  2. Both the 1.6A and 1.8A are great OC chips, so that 1.6 should serve you well.

    I've got a 1.8A that did 2.61 on stock cooling without the temps even rising... only reason I haven't gone higher is my RAM. I know someone with a 1.6 running at 2.3 with stock cooling and stable.

    1.6 to 2.1 by 100 to 133 would be easily obtainable, likely without voltage increase (my 1.8 -> 2.61 didn't even need more voltage!)

  3. Thanks for the info, but on pricewatch, how do i know from a 1.6 and a 1.6a?
  4. first of all, the difference is huge, so it's good you asked and didn't say "eh they're the same i'll just get the cheap one"
    1.6 is the willamette core, .18 micron technology, hotter, higher voltages, 256k L2 cache
    1.6a is the northwood core, .13 micron technology, has 512k L2 and overclocks much better
    so when you search pricewatch, type 1.6a 512, that should get you what you want
  5. If it says...
    ...512KB L2 cache
    It's a 1.6A.

    If it says...
    ...256KB L2 Cache
    ...1.75Vcore (i think)
    It's a 1.6.

    Obviously you want the 1.6A.

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