What games could my PC handle

Hello all

I was thinking of getting a couple shooter games for my pc, but I am not too sure on what my pc would handle.
Any suggestions on some new'ish games I could get.

My Specs:

Windows 7 64bit
AMD Athlon ii x2 @ 3GHz
6gb DDR3
AMD radeon HD 4200 1gb

Thank you
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  1. you could handle a variety of fun games - if you run into issues you could always lower your in-game settings. personally, hi rez studios has redone the old tribes game into an updated platform. it's a free download, they make their money by selling experience points, weapons, etc, but it's fun. hacks are prevalent but it is what it is. some old flight sims are fun; IL2 sturmovik and related mods. not whether BF3 would be playable on your setup but probably would work at low settings.
  2. Well to be honest in you'll only get a good gameplay experiance in very old games or browser based games.If you wan't a better gaming experiance you should buy a new graphics card.
  3. I recommend Neverwinter Nights 1. 'Tis a good game.

    Rome Total War should also run fine on that compy.
  4. Ok thank you guys very much :)
  5. Hi :)

    Half Life 1 & 2 will both play on yours...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. hey guys I got Left 4 Dead 2 and Crysis... Left for Dead runs at avg 30 fps at high settings and Crysis is about 20 fps on mid setting...
    I just got myself a 500w PSU and EVGA GeForce GTX 660 2GB Superclocked so hopefully I will be playing Crysis 2 and battlefield 3 in no time at all :)

    thank you all for the replies
  7. The graphics card you just bought is pretty good but you'll need a new CPU if you really want to play games.Your CPU jut won't cut it.That's not to say that you won't be getting good FPS but don't expect anything spectacular.
    I suggest saving up some money and upgrading to a Phenom II X4.This might just double your FPS.(once you get the new card of course)
  8. GeForce GTX 660 2GB is a very strong card, your old radeon HD 4200 was the weakest part.
    You can check here what games your system can run:
  9. I highly recommend getting a new CPU cause Ur old CPU gonna bottleneck all your high graphic games. especially if you buy games such as total war shogun 2.
    I have this cpu and it runs everything at lighting speeds.
  10. That's a nice purchase! If you find you do need more performance then i5 3450 and a Z77 mobo is a good way to go, but if your games are running fine now then obviously save your money until you actually need to upgrade. Longer you hold off, the better your upgrade will be :-)
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