Help with case cooling part 2 =P


I have a case with 1 side fan, 2 rear and 2 front..
I have a couple of question:
1) should the side fan blow or suck?

2) Right now, I have 3 blowing fans, 2 rear and 1 side..
These are Antec fans,
2600 RPM
34.0 CFM

I want 2 fans in the front that will go well with these, making the airflow as good as it can get..
I'm thinking about 2 enermax fans:
max 39.4CFM
1000-3000 RPM

Will these match good? I will probably reduce the speed on all fans, for lower noise.. I need help, cause I really don't know anything.. I want as good cooling as possible for a good price..

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  1. I hope this info will help. The fan selection doesn't sound bad but there is some things that you might want to try. First of all the air flow should be in at the front of the lower front of the case and out the upper rear of case. I think that your side fan should be blowing in. (it will help keep your video card cool.) Beleve it or not but all the reading that I have done as said you should have a zero to a SLIGHTLY minus pressure in the case. You can do the math for your self using the fans that you buy as far as CFM. Good luck. Take care. Oh yea, I almost forgot. Try to keep any air turbulance arount the HS and fan to a minumum. I have seen HS set ups with a scoop facing forward to prevent this from happining. I made my own scoop. (it wasnt pretty but it worked) :) The scoop did drop the CPU temp. Good luck again.

    Hang in there. It can only get better!
  2. You forgot the power supply fan! That's right, when the side fan blows, you'll have 3 blowing and 3 sucking. It's an ideal configuration, especially if the side fan is very close to the video card.

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