How does one even get into Final Fantasy 14 MMO today?

Hello! I have recently had the urge to try Playing Final Fantasy 14 since I now have a Pc that can run all of today's PC games. I have heard mixed reviews so I wanted to see for myself.

So I downloaded and ran the Benchmark Program. Got a score of 3600, I bought Crysta, and I looked for a game download Or a Retail Disc but got nothing on both fronts. Google has answers, But they are too old for any use. If anyone has any answers, My gratitude will be great to all who even tries to help. Even if the game is bad. Step by step, links or, even rumors is enough. Thank you all. Good luck to your findings.
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  1. Nvm People, Thank you for your help to come, But I found the answer to my own question.
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