Horrible fps in tf2 with hd 7750

Hello,i bought and installed the his hd 7750 icooler last week. i got 50fps in spawn and as low as 18 fps in firefights.i should also mention that i played in 1650x1050 and everything maxed out with aa on 8x and 16x af
e4400 2ghz
2gb ram
250w psu
his hd 7750 icooler
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  1. You've just told us why your card can't handle it, you've got all the details maxed out. That card cannot handle them, turn your details down, if not off altogether.
  2. Wow i highly recommend taking out that psu before it blows up your computer. First off that GPU uses 100 watts idol and at least 200 watts during heavy load and that psu uses 150 watts at max load. im surprised ur computer hasn't burned out yet. i highly recommend getting a bigger psu at least 400 watts to 450 watt to be more safer.
  3. i get 120 all the time on windows with sapphire 7750, somethings's wrong! it might be driver problems !
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