Is There Any Runescape Player Can Give Me Any Advice


I like play runescape game so much,and i want to buy some runescape golds,but i dont know which website is that best place to sell runescape golds,i have heared someone said that RSmillion is the website that sell the cheapest rumescape golds(1mil just need $0.503) and their delivery is very quickly,but i cant sure about that ,so is there anyone can give me any advice?
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  1. earn the gold legit man, any game that interest you (IE runescape, because you play it so much) would it not be more rewarding to earn the gold yourself?
  2. Oh the memories. I used to play runescape so much, then one day I kinda just stopped. This was back before that trade limit crap, where buying gold was actually reliable. But most of them are scams, so I wouldnt risk anything. It's really easy to just make 1mil.
  3. Don't buy gold, you may think you want the money any way but once you have it you will be disappointing. Just earn the money yourself.
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