help my cpu is underclocked!

while my question doesn't deal with overclocking (more like clocking up to spec) i figured i'd post it here.
my problem: my cpu will not run at 133mhz bus, when i change it and boot windows it will either automatically restart, freeze, or give me a BSOD. my memory will also not run above the host clock (it is pc2700). i have athlon xp1900 and msikt3 ultra2 motherboard. my friend also has this problem with his athlon xp2200. please help out me and my overclocked, underclocked cpu (its running at 112mhz fsb).

does anyone know what's wrong or what i can do to fix it?
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  1. What power supply do you have?
    Try running with the memory set to synchronous operation (266mhz) or most conservative memory timings.

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  2. it might be bad memory my friend had the same problem and it was because of bad memory it also might be the power supply...good luck
  3. I had the same problem with a 1.2 T-Bird and win 98. I underclocked my 1.2 when they first came out because it kept overheating. Once there were HS and fam combos that could keep that CPU cool I brought the FSB back to 133. Windows didn't like that at all. I had to reformat and reinstall windows. :( Then it was fine. Good luck. Post your results.

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  4. i have an antec 350w psu that came with my case so that is probably not the problem. as for memory timings they've been set at all different settings. cooling should not be an issue as the cpu and case run very cool (under 100 F). i recently talked to a tech guy and we narrowed it down to interuppted memory timings, possibly an old pci videdo card (we'll find out if thats case when i get geforce 4). another possibilty is bad memory but that is unlikely.
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