New gaming rig can't run Minecraft maxxed?

So... I bought a new gaming rig - including an i5-3570k and a GTX 670.

To commemorate this, a friend bought me minecraft. (He'd been trying to get me to play for a LONG time.)

Now, this rig is able to run basically everything maxxed out at 1080p... except for minecraft.

When I try to turn up the draw distance, I get HUGE holes in the terrain, that only go away when I stand on them...
It's not that it's struggling to render a lot of objects - I can see the blocks on the other side of the hole, and I can see even further to the bottom of the terrain through the hole, but other than that, inside it it's just the blue background.

So what am I doing wrong?

I've got all the latest drivers, and I'm pretty sure I've downloaded the 64 bit version of java and correctly followed online instructions to make a shortcut that runs it in 64 bit.
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  1. its basically your internet connections your games lagging.
  2. With a 30Gb/s connection, playing in singleplayer mode? XP
  3. to do with hardware just mincraft bugginess
  4. i meant its minecraft and NOT to do with your hardware
  5. That shouldn't be happening. Do you have 64bit java?
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    It sounds like it's just a rendering error. It happens a lot in multiplayer, and it's happened to me in single player before.
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