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I was wondering, I have a few hard drives and really want to mess with Linux. If it helps I am going to be using 'Red Hat 7.0'. I have my main hard drive on a Maxtor/Promise ATA100 controller card and I am going to install another on the motherboard controllers but wasn't sure if I could run a dual boot that way? Does anyone know if that is going to be possible? Please let me know!

Thank you! *:O)

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  1. The problem is RedHat and the ATA 100 controller. I believe 7.1 has the latest greatest kernal which supports ATA100. You can set it up on your second drive on another controller without a hitch, but I wouldnt reccomend using Redhats bootloader (LILO) until your more comfortable setting it up. Just use a boot disk, it will be slower but you wont kill your windows boot sector by accident.

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