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I bought hearthfire and the game keeps crashing. During the tutorial phase the game crashed a couple of times and I didn't think too much of it. After I left Helgen I went to the first set of stones and each time i get near them the game crashed. I tried going elsewhere but it keeps crashing at certain places, not after extended periods of time. It has made the game unplayable. I tried turning graphics to lowest and not playing with mods to no avail but when I turn hearthfire off the game runs fine. It appears the problem stems from hearthfire. Is there any known errors or glitches associated with hearthfire and mods or on laptop graphics cards? My laptop is windows 7 ultimate 64but with a 485m and up to date drivers.

Thanks for any help.
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    There is always glitches and bugs with Bethesda stuff. They need to spend like three more months testing everything. But there are a couple things you could try, like repairing game install, uninstalling/unloading mods, reinstall Hearthfire, unload Hearthfire and see if it still crashes, run as admin, unload the first DLC (can't remember the name right now).
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