New sytem only boots with fail safe settings.

I just upgraded my system with a new motherboard, processor and memory and something is wrong. Everything was fine until I changed the BIOS settings from fail safe to optimal and my sytem would not boot. I have built six computers for myself, freinds and family and up until now all of them ran stable at optimal settings.

Here are my specs

Soyo KT400 Dragon Ultra (Black Ed), latest bios.
512 MP Corsair XMS PC3500
AMD Athlon XP 2400
TAISOL Processor fan CGK760172 with Artic Silver III
Enlight 340 Watt Power Supply
Geforce 4 Ti 4400
DVD, CDRW, 4 Hard drives (120 GB, 120 GB, 100 GB 45 GB).
Windows XP

I recently built a similiar system for my mother and it runs perfectly stable at optimal bios settings.

Soyo KT400 Drangon Ultra (Platinum Ed)
512 MB Corsair XMS PC3200 CL2
AMD Athlon XP 2100
Enermax 350 Watt Power Supply
TAISOL Processor fan CGK760172 with Artic Silver III
Geforec 4 Ti4200

I disconnected everything but one hard drive and video card and did some experiments.

KT266 + Fast Performance Setting = stable
KT333 + Normal Performance Setting = stable
KT333 + Fast Performance Settings = will not boot
KT333 + Fast Performance + Overvolt memory = will not boot

The Soyo Hardware Monitor reports my CPU at 40 degrees, +12V at 12.16, +5V at 5.02 and 3.3v at 5.02. MBM5 and SiSofts Sandra reports 3.3v at 2.98v, +12 at 9.67v and -12 at -9.32 and -5 at -3.25. I wasn't sure which program to believe so I manually tested the +5 and +12 on one of the molex connectors and got +5 and +12.4 v.

Anyway I am at my witts end. After spending nearly a thousand dollars upgrading my system I an not willing to setlle for "fail safe" BIOS settings.

So what do you think is keeping my system from being stable at optimal settings?

Should I trust the Soyo Hardward monitors readings or should I believe the Sandra/MBM5 readings? Can the motherboards +12v be 10v, while the molex connectors is +12v?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. Been building systems for 19yrs and sounds like the first thing I would do is swap out the Enermax PS from your Mom's system or if not available get another as you're pushing a lot for a 350 cause many of them are way short of avertized. See THWG on the subject. I like Enermax and Antec for easy availability. (not the old Antec's tho)

    Mr "G" aka Geezar/Geezer
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