Slowed down a lot here!

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A lot of people don't post in AGE much eh?

Back in the day, we had a lot more traffic.

That was despite walking two miles through the snow, on a internet
connection we had to shovel coal into, and....
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    Three factors:

    No new content in a while. New expansion coming out should change that.

    No newbies. If you're new to the whole MMORPG thing, you're not likely to
    pick up EQ anymore. WoW or other things will appeal more.

    Fewer people playing EQ. Simple fact-o-life: the numbers on EQ are way down
    from their peak.

    And, to a lesser extent, fewer people using Usenet. AOL stopped providing
    usenet access, as have a lot of ISP's. (I actually pay $12 a year to
    Newsguy to use their usenet servers.) These days everyone uses message

    But mostly, it's just that EQ is a slowly-dying game. It'll keep going on
    inertia for a year or two at least. I, for one, will keep playing it. =)
    But of all the people I was playing with when I first picked up EQ, none now
    are currently playing.

    Ah well, life goes on. Whatever may be may be. Pick your cliche. =)


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