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Hey all

I know there's the sticky thread on the top, but I wanted to ask a question.
I have a i7 3770k with msi gtx 670 video card set up. I tried to run gta today and it was very laggy. It was running sort of smooth than if i keep moving my mouse cursor around, there's this freeze motion constantly.
Is my system not compatible for smooth playing? I thought it was. Maybe something wrong with my game?

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  1. What kind of hard drive do you have? GTAIV streams a lot of data and if you are bottlenecked by your disk you will get a lot of stutter.
  2. samsung 830 ssd (128gb) and 1tb caviar black WD
  3. Is it patched to v1.0.7.0 or at least v1.0.4.0?
  4. I'm not sure about that. I deleted the filee due to my rage. But I will try again in couple days lol..
  5. cause it seemed pretty smooth except those freezing lags
  6. :D Don't worry,reinstall the game and when it's done,patch it to v1.0.x.0 (x=4 or 7)whichever is suitable for you.Gta IV without patches is a nightmare.....Btw are you running any mods?
  7. as absxiith said, patch the game to the latest or stick with v1.0.4.0 patch for mods like iCEnhancer. your rig can handle even with extreme graphics mods.
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