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Water cooling gone too far

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November 21, 2002 2:18:14 AM

Just saw this over at

thats <A HREF="" target="_new">one hell of a case..</A>


If the Scatman can do it so can you...


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November 21, 2002 2:40:10 AM

no <A HREF=",24..." target="_new">THIS</A> is watercooling gone too far

edit: the pic link didn't work

actually, i really like this and would love to be able to do it, we've gone BEYOND water cooling into total submersion

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November 21, 2002 11:22:10 AM

God bless water cooling...LOL... Take care.

Hang in there. It can only get better!
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November 21, 2002 11:24:23 AM

I ve seen that before with a similar setup, but I dont think it is practical for every day use. But it is cool *no pun intended*


If the Scatman can do it so can you...

November 21, 2002 6:16:45 PM

That is WAY too much.. LMAO.. I think I would be in devorce court before I could complete a task like that. Some one had WAY toomuch time on their hands. It is cool though. Take care.

Hang in there. It can only get better!
November 21, 2002 7:12:11 PM

yo lonemagi your link didn't work for me, but it seems to have worked for mrwhipper
is it a broken link or what?
November 21, 2002 7:21:41 PM

was on - paintball forums. Says it is on hardocp too
pic 1:
pic 2:


OT: Computer Tinkerers
by Dave

Left "Head": AMD1200, GF4 and chipset watercooled. 4 disks, DVD-Player, LS120, LEDmeter on the top.

Right "Head": AMD 450, TNT2, all passive cooled with an self designed air tunnel system. LEDmeter on the top. This board is mounted back to back with the other board.

"Intake": 8 air intakes (fake) and a self designed reservoir. Under the coverplate is a 5 port switch.

The fan is from an 1957 DKW-MUNGA (my old German Army Jeep) Behind the fan, (which turns at 60rpm) is a radiator (Cu).

At the bottom of the front is the control panel with 3 gauges from my 1969 Lotus Europe. The left gauge shows the tmep of the right air tunnel system, the other ones are showing the voltage of the 2 PSUs.

In the bottom is a digital recorder with a hot startsound and a little amplifier, which boosts the sound up to a good level. The sidepipes are from a motorbike.


If the Scatman can do it so can you...

November 21, 2002 11:42:18 PM


I love over-the-top devices like that. The best name for one that I've seen has to be "The Poseidon"

:mad:  <b><font color=green>"Hulk Smash"</b></font color=green>