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Hi all, just had a question about The Walking Dead Video Game if its better to play it on PC or console because I'm having a very hard time playing the console version of it on Xbox 360. Its wayyyyy too dark in areas when playing it where I've got the brightness on max and even turned up brightness on my tv a little just to tell whats there. Wondering if the graphics are better on the PC version or not. I know the bugs / glitches will happen on both but visually wondering if PC is any different.

And anyway I should of bought it on PC because it has gone on sale previously to $15 on steam where you get all episodes when they come out and on Xbox, $20 for the main game, and then $5 each for the episodes. Microsoft just wants me chained to buy everything more than what it should.
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  1. I can't say about the pc, but I have it on the PS3 and I don't have the problems you are talking about. I just downloaded episode 4 last night and haven't got to try it yet, but it has been fine so far.

    I played through half of episode 4 last night. I still had no visual problems. If this is the only game giving you problems, you may want to uninstall it and redownload the game.
  2. i got it on pc, and its actually has nothing of any problems you've mentioned, finished ep1 and getting along with ep2,

    settings: all max 1920x1080 brightness on default, monitor on 93k colors setting
  3. Does anyone have any comparison in-game screenshots of PC version and xbox 360 version?
  4. Yeah, i'm playing the xbox version and I found this page by googling to see if it was just me that couldn't see anything in some areas... currently in the school in ep 4, looking for a way into the safe, and the screen is basically black most of the time.
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  6. i have seen the difference between PS3 and PC for graphics, they look the same, it is hard to look any better with cell shaded 3D figures, its meant to look like a 3d comic book.

    only issue i have with them is the horrible jittering.
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