good cheap start for watercooling?

I'm new to watercooling but am interested in the noise aspect and secondly the superior performance over aircooling. Plus the fact that it sounds like fun + i want something to do :smile:

I found a review of this little kit which i think will meet my requirements nicely: <A HREF="" target="_new"> wetandchillychips on viperlair</A>. It is only £145 in the UK which to me seems cheap for an all in one watercooling set. I would get a Koolance Exos but they are going to be about £250 when available here.

Anything i should watch out for or does this look like a good little starter kit?

Will i be able to put more waterblocks in line in order to cool my vid card and perhaps northbridge also? I've looked into the pump contained but couldnt find much other than the fact it can pump 293 gallons per hour. Which waterblocks are good for geforce 4s?

Any comments much appreciated.

cheers guys

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  1. well from the review it looks like it's a good system; it appears to have good performance and if you don't mind the fan being a little bit noisy it's good. by the look of those charts it seems it does a good job of cooling the CPU, and especially on an Athlon 1.4 ghz. you know about that one don't you, the Athlon 1.4 ghz is likely the hottest processor known to man. if you don't believe me donwload toms first video; they test an athlon 1.4 and take the fan off, that thing scorches to like 355 C/698 F!!! completely burns itself and the mobo.
  2. Go to they do innovatek kits starting from about 160quid with everything you need (apart from chipset/GPU block) although you can buy a block for your ge-force4 for about 20-30quid.

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  3. Thanks for the input.. the Innovatek kit looks quite a bit better, and their website is a bit more encouraging. Looks like should have stock in time for xmas - bonus! :)

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  4. I don't like the water blocks, I don't know if you can get swiftech where you live, but I would find out. I don't much care for inovatech either, They look sharp as hell, but here in the states they are way too pricy. Just my two cents.

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