Strange Frame Rate Issue With All PC Games

So I've had my current PC setup for about 4 months now. My PC specs are:

NVIDIA GeForce 550ti
AMD FX (tm)-6100 Six Core Processor
Windows 7 64-bit

So just about 5 days ago, my computer ran fine. I could run pretty much any game on high to ultra settings with no problem at all. However, while playing Skyrim, about 3 hours in for that night, the frame rate on my game took a massive dive for no apparent reason. I thought nothing of it, figured it was some glitch of some sort, and went to bed. The next day I try to play Team Fortress 2 and the game wont even open properly, and when it does open, the game is unplayable due to poor frame rate. I've logged in over 150 hours into TF2 with no problem whatsoever until just recently. I start to get nervous and I check my other games, none of them perform properly due to terrible frame rate issues.

So I got to researching my problem. I tried: making sure my drivers were up to date, downloading the latest BIOs update, defragging my pc, checking my HDD, cleaning up my computer with CCleaner, trying to boost game performance with game booster 3, opening up my pc and giving it a good cleaning, and ultimately, I uninstalled windows 7 and reinstalled it, but still nothing.

Im at wits end trying to figure out what could be wrong. I would appreciate any help you all might have.
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  1. I now exactly how you feel my friend. When i was having problems i used driversweeper It completely removes all drivers that you select so you can re-install them. Just select the drivers you want to wipe then re-install them like you would normally. If that doesn't work try dropping down a driver version or two and see if that helps. Also don't use game booster because it doesn't help, closing down programs that run in the background manually does the exact same job and iv heard that the creators of gamer boost also create Malware as well.
    Hope this help you. Good luck
  2. I'll give it a try! Thank you
  3. "I uninstalled windows 7 and reinstalled it"

    So you did a clean install?
  4. Temps?
  5. Everything was running at around 34 C, with the exception of my motherboard at 50 C. Forgive my ignorance, but how would i run a clean install?

    Is it possible its an ActiveX error or Com error, if so how would i fix that?
  6. AdventNick said:
    Everything was running at around 34 C, with the exception of my motherboard at 50 C. Forgive my ignorance, but how would i run a clean install?

    He probably meant with "clean install" an install from the Windows disc and not from a backup/image file of some sort.

    Anyway, smells like some hardware problem. You tried to solve the problem on the software side and since it's still there ...

    How did you check your temperatures? And what are the temperatures under load? Idle temps won't get you an idea of what might be wrong.

    check for dust on your CPU/GPU heatsink
    clean dust filters (if your case has some)

    If that doesn't help, try replacing your GPU with another one (borrow one from a friend, use an old one, ...).
  7. Maybe one of your ram sticks has turned faulty? Try taking out all your ram sticks and use one at a time.
    Also check you cpu temp and check to see if your cpu heatsink is mounted correctly, in the past i had a problem where my pump failed and my cpu would reach nearly 130c and my system would not run correctly. Also what brand/model psu are you running?
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