Alienware X51 and Xbox 360

Hello, this is somewhat of a pc and console gaming question combined so I figured that this general discussion would be the best place for it.

To start I have the 2nd level Alienware X51 and a Xbox 360 slim. I bought the computer for gaming mostly and it is a very good machine. However, since I bought the computer I've wanted to start recording my Xbox 360 gameplay on it.

I understand the basics of computers however I have never modified or added anything to a store bought computer be sides RAM (let alone built a custom pc).

Anyway before I get too off track I better just ask my question. Since I have an hdmi port in the back of my computer tower, would it be possible to hook my Xbox 360 into the port and play/record the gameplay using my computer?

Obviously this question has been asked before and I have done a search. The only reason I feel the need to bring up the topic myself is because all of the posts I have read so far were about hooking it up to a monitor or laptop. And none of which seemed to be made for gaming like mine.

I also realize that a good way to find out would be to try it. I am just afraid if I do without asking someone more educated in electronics I might mess up one, if not both, of my systems.

Any help or feedback is appreciated!!

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  1. No. The HDMI port on your computer is output only, same as the HDMI port on the Xbox. So if you have two output ports connected to one another, it doesn't net you too much in the end.

    You'll need a TV tuner card for the Alienware system, and the problem with that, is that there's a 2-3 second buffer on those cards. So what you see displayed on the computer screen will be about 2-3 seconds behind what's going on on the Xbox.
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