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Hi, sorry if this has been covered, I have tried searching but could only find old references. I heard the ps3 port of the orange box was a bit of a lemon (framerate issues, blurry graphics etc). I do own the pc version but was interested in picking up the console version so I can kickback in comfort and play with the controller. Did it ever get fixed? I can live with long load times but major drops in the framerate might be a deal breaker. Also were the graphics really as poor in comparison to the 360 version as people say?

PS. Just discovered I have to go out so wont be able to reply for a while.
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    No, the PS3 version still has not been patched. I'd stick with the PC version or buy it on 360 if you own one.
  2. omg, i have the orange box for PS3, it is so horrible, it was more of a comedy skit that a game. while playing through i got major tearing and character glitches, then alex started to talk like a man which scared me at first.

    it has to be one of the worst ports i have ever played, its like they didnt even play through the game once after porting it over.

    Dev team - "well boss the port is done, now we just have to test to make sure everything plays smoothly"
    Boss - "test?! play smoothly?! it is half-life 2! throw the disc's in the cases already and ship um! We need the money now to help develop for HL3"
    Dev Team - "oh ya HL3, shouldnt we start on that?"
    Boss - "yes, right when i get back from my vacation that i booked three years from now"
  3. I think I'll just stick with the pc version. It is a shame the ps3 port is apparently so bad. I'm pretty sure it was EA who was responsible for this port because the guys at Valve didn't like the ps3 when it was released (due to it being so difficult to code for). They obviously changed their minds hence Portal 2 but it's a shame for those who only have a ps3 that they never got L4D2 and a crappy port of the orange box. Glad I have my pc.
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