Hi people.
my steam account just vanished.
it says no such username exists nd when i opt to retrieve my password..i get no email from them.
i had CS source . and now ive made a new steam account..but im not able to use that same CS source key...nd now i cant play the pls !
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  1. Not the place for a question like that mate. I would ask Steam Support and hopefully they can help you recover your account. Hopefully you use a really strong password for accounts like that. Steam accounts are notoriously targeted by hackers and stolen, exploited, deleted, etc. Google "steam account support" and look at some of the options below the first result. Cheers! :)

    Generally Advice for online Security:
    My account name is not linked to any screen name I use for any game, and my password is really long and random for added security. Furthermore, never use security questions with answers that are publicly available personal information about yourself as these can be obtained and used for social engineering attacks to hijack your account.
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