i have been playing dishonored and i have been running into a small problem. ill play for an hour or so sometimes longer sometimes shorter when out of the blue my keyboard will crash, this only happens sometimes not all the time. and when it does crash im stuck walking in a particular direction, my mouse works fine during this, and the one time i did get to my desktop my keyboard was still unresponsive even after unplugging it (and my computer BSOD about 15 min after i got to the desktop whether that has anything to do with the keyboard im not sure) its a Razer Lycosa keyboard
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  1. Do you have a spare ordinary keyboard? You might want to try it and see if the problem will occur again.
  2. +1 to above post, i once had a strange act going on with my keyboard.

    i was playing a strategy game and for some reason my HQ started to spam the weakest unit, thought nothing of it into i was typing an email and it was spamming a certain letter but not always the same one.

    i change my keyboard but it still happened so tried a different usb port and all was ok
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