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Evans Cooling Systems makes an automotive coolant that uses NO water. They claim it will keep an egine cooler that conventional H2O/anti-freeze mix. Has anyone tried this stuff as a CPU coolant?
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  1. Yep. Its called antifreeze. Pure antifreeze has a slightly higher thermal conductivity than ordinary distilled water. And it will not damage your water cooling system either which means you can use it in a water cooling setup too. But make sure it is the right type some non standard types will wreck it.
  2. Not usually a great idea as its viscosity (thickness/density) is higher and your pump wont perform as well as with (at least mostly) water simply because you will lose on flow rate which usually has a better effect than marginally higher thermal conductivity. But again it might be worth experimenting-what applies to my setup wont necessarily apply to yours. But as a general idea-stick with water plus something to kill the bugs in there and (hopefully) reduce the *battery effect* that occurs naturally between to different metels in a closed loop( ie something that di-ionises water, or, if you have a resevoir, put a *sacrificial* metal to absorb the electrons (note this will usually be effective for 6-8 mnths depending on the size an metal, but any fishing sink should work ;)
  3. All true. I dont use pure antifreeze myself. I just use a little bit with mainly water. Though on some of the larger setups running real big pipes I dont know how much difference it would realy make. I wold think not a great deal. Then again I dont know.
  4. NOT true, Drag racers rarely use antifreeze because pure water cools better! The few that don't run pure water are using water plus watter wetter!

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  5. Hmm, I would bet that dragracers don't use antifreeze, because when you have a $300,000 vehicle, you DON'T store it in an unheated garage.. :)

    It's like the SUV drivers who won't even dare to drive down a gravel road, much less a muddy trail..
  6. Yeah, but antifreeze also adds boil-over protection and corrosion protection.

    I guess they don't care since the engines blow up anyway (someone told me that they have to rebuild the engines after every race).

    As for computer usage, I use 10% standard green antifreeze and 90% water.
  7. They use pure water or water with a little "water wetter" because water cools better than antifreeze. Simple. It works better.

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  8. Yes water cools better, but it also boils at a lower temp than water plus antifreeze. Once it starts boiling the steam gets trapped in the system and it stops cooling. Plus pure water does nothing to prevent galvonic corosion.

    I just can't see dragsters using pure water. Water plus waterwetter, yes. Maybe if they had an all aluminum engine and an all aluminum radiator I can see using pure water, since the engines only run at full load for a short period. Still, I'll take Crashman's word on it as he has never steered me wrong before.

    F1 racers definately use waterwetter plus water. Unlike antifreeze waterwetter actually increases the cooling efficency of water. Plus it kills of biotics, stops galvonic reactions and increases the boiling point. You have the best of all possible worlds.

    As an aside both dragsters and F1 racers use pure ethanol for fuel. It burns better than gasoline and at the end of the day you can drink it ;-) It would sure make syphoning gas alot sweeter.

    PS: I actually drank pure ethanol on 2 occasions (please don't ask the occasions) and it is anything but sweet. It's even worse than drinking gas (again please don't ask) and it's not something I'll ever do again.

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  9. LOL, I don't think you have to worry about boiling over a drag racer, with an aluminum radiator and only a few seconds of high load condition. Boiling over the engine is not a factor, detonation is however, they want to keep the engine below 180F to prevent detonation. Of course these would be the stock based engines, as the higher classes often use no cooling at all!

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  10. Just be careful you don't drink Methanol. It's 5X's less intoxicating, but 5X's more poisonous than Ethanol. Plus very easy to mix up the labels... as one story in the <A HREF="" target="_new">Darwin Awards</A> archives tells us.
  11. Definately. Ultra high pure HPLC grade ethanol only

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  12. PooBaa, in responce to your sig, check this out...

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  13. i know. Ive seen lots of rice. I see it all in melbourne

    the fake rotors glued onto drum brakes
    the stickers
    the dual 6" fart pipes for the sub 1.4L engine
    so lowered it doesnt handle properly anymore

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