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I'm going to be getting an AXP 2400+ (266FSB) and will be overclocking it to at least a 2600+ and raising the FSB (I'll unlock it etc) to at least 333. However, I was wondering if someone could have a look here:

and give me some advice about which cooler I should get. I'm hoping to get water-cooling for this system, however I'm a total newbie to water cooling.

From the products listed on this page, what equipment would I need to set up an effective (and cheap as possible) water cooling setup for my new system? The prices are in $au so it's not THAT outrageously expensive ;)
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  1. If you want watercooling reviews go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.
    The last months they have been doing a big effort to measure the different cooling systems with standarized methods, so you really can compare between them.

    <b>(<font color=yellow>as good as it looks</font color=yellow>)</b>
  2. Don't assume you can always overclock a processor like that. What you can get from overclocking is not ever guaranteed. Knowing that you have a good stepping will definitely increase your chances of a good oc, though.
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