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Gamestop has double trade in credit until the 21st, I barely use my Vita and have been longing for more games since i beat MK. I tried LBP it was eh, not worth the 40$. Im not sure, should i trade it in and get an XL? i had a DSi and it has plenty of games. Anyone who has both or something help? :lol:
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  1. I'd say you need to look at the list of 3DS games and figure out how many of them you're actually interested in playing. I would still kind of like a Wii since I'm a big Zelda fan, but aside from Skyward Sword, and Metroid Prime 3, there are maybe only a couple of games I'm even moderately interested in, so it wouldn't really make a lot of sense to get a Wii in my case.

    So, hit a couple of review sites like IGN and GameSpot, and look over the 3DS games in the genres you like to play. If there are a number of well reviewed games that sound good to you, then I'd say by all means get a 3DS XL, otherwise you'd just be trading a lack of interesting games for the Vita for a lack of interesting games for the 3DS XL.
  2. I think i have SoulSilver for the ds in my room somewhere and definetly New Super mario bros 2, mario kart 7, Ocarina as i want to replay Zelda from my childhood, Dream Drop resistance maybe, black and white two, and resident evil possibly when the curcle pad for the XL comes out. But for the vita, i want to play Assassins creed and get LBP soon i guess. Im extremely dissapointed blackops declassified isnt coming out by holiday, and i would like to get Chains of Olympis and Liberty City stories of the psn store.
  3. THEY ARE BOTH TERRIBLE (for entirley different reasons tho) I recommend a android or iphone for teh mobilgam3s
  4. just stick with your vita and save some cash and get yourself that 3ds. later a game you like for vita will appear and you'll regret selling it. so far i only play disgaea 3 on my vita it really stinks.. but im waiting on a granturismo or god of war before i get rid of it.
  5. get the 3DS, a new castlevania is coming
  6. I love my 3ds! Mario games and zelda ocarnia of time FTW
  7. I own both systems, but both are very game starved.... So, here I am with a 3DS XL that I pretty much only use for Fire Emblem: Awakening, and a Vita I pretty much only use for Persona 4 Golden.

    The sick thing? I think it's worth it.
  8. I love my 3ds!
  9. I have one of the early versions of the 3DS. But so far I've only used it for Mario Cart. Any recommendations on some good games? I normally play on my gaming PC but I'm willing to give the 3DS a shot if anyone can recommend something that's actually fun. So far all the games I thought were gonna be fun, really sucked terribly. One of those games being Resident Evil.
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