Sleeping Dogs with HD7850, low fps

Hi guys,

My PC is amd a8 3870 3Ghz + 8GB ram + HD7850 but playing Sleeping Dogs at Extreme setting on 1366x768 screen seems lagging and very low fps at scene with buildings or enemies. I set to High on graphic however, the problem stayed the same :cry:
Is it only or anybody experience this? How can I solve this? Is it hardware fault? Do I need to return it and get another one?
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  1. Did you update the driver from the AMD website, if it's the cd, then you have the old drivers and can lower your fps a lot.
  2. I saw an update from the website of AMD however, it is just beta, should I install it?
  3. I installed it and have seen alittle increase in BF3 FPS, playing High with the same GPU by Gigabyte at 50FPS while filming with Fraps
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