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Hello, What is the cheapest laptop i can play Guild wars 2 without it crashing? Dell studio's not cut out for it cause of the graphics card.
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    Intel i5 and Nvidia 540 should cope, Acer 5742G from £300
  2. Intel i5 and Nvidia 540 should cope, Acer 5742G from £300
    Hmmm. Submit button playing up again, hung for ages on 'reply successful etc.' so i refreshed and posted twice.. doh...
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  4. Have any suggestions where to get it?
  5. Guess it depends where you are...
    Actually the deal I was looking at has expired,but if you look around try to retain the i5 CPU and 540m graphics, the Acer is reputed to handle Crysis and that's pretty impressive for a laptop...
    Then i found this
    If it's to be believed the 540M wouldn't be good enough, but the 630m is OK. As the 630m is reputed to be the same as the 540m, i'm confused. Anyway, point is if you go for any of the GPUs listed for GW2 it'll cost you a fortune. So sticking with Acer this is the best I could come up with
    However, I still believe the 5742G would cope...
  6. so im lookin at about $700. are you talkin about max, med, or low settings on the acer? cause i can technically play the game on my studio, its just at like 9 fps haha. but its not funny.
  7. To be honest, without spending megabucks, Game playing on Laptops not desirable, for the same money you could get a half decent gaming rig with a dedicated GPU that will handle any setting you desire...
  8. Good info here
    Msi GE60 cheapest High end, at $1300 and only an i5 hardly cheap!
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