xp2100 max speed

i'm about to overclock my xp2100 to the maximum of my ability, here's a list of the hardware i will be using, anyone want to make an estimate on how much i can oc this setup?
i will be recieving all these parts within the next week

xp2100 unlocked
gigabyte ga-7vaxp kt400
samsung 1x 512mb 333mhz
vapochill premium edition vapour cooling (xp2100 @ stock @ idle should be about -30 - -35c)
innovatech watercooling kit for the chipset,graphics card,and hard drives
1x wd 120gig 7200
2x maxtor 80gig 7200 raid 0
display = nec 18 multisync lcd1850x
msi gf4 ti4200 128mb

can't wait to get the vapour cooling and watercooling setup and have some fun :) i'll post some screenshots when all is complete :D
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  1. with vapochill i would shoot for close to 2ghz or so
    its gonna be one hellova system :)
  2. this is my current cooling setup, and these are the stats running @ stock speed...
    thermalright slk-800 + thermaltake smart fan (+ac3) 100% load=30c idle = 28c

    i upped the voltage and did a fsb overclock (13x 154)2002mhz
    it idled @ 44c and under load it went up to 47c so i'm hoping i can wring some more power out of this chip than that :)
  3. Holy peep that is one heck of a setup... watercooling and a vapochill.

    Well if you got a good stepping you might be able to push the FSB towards 166MHz without lowering the multiplier. But I dunno how high your RAM can handle when you passed 333MHz DDR.

    My CPU runs so hot the arctic silver undergoes nuclear fusion :eek: .
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