Looking for a quite, high CFM 70mm fan

Hey everyone,

I have an older Swiftech MC370 cooler that I would like to lower the noise level on. Anyone know of a good quiet 70mm fan?

I came across the Evercool EC7015HH12C that looks like it would fit the bill but I can't find any opinions on it. Anyone heard of it or better yet, used it? According to ExoticPC, it's rated at 42 CFM with a noise level of 32.0 dB. That's significanlty better than the Papst fan on the stock 370.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. ???
    I thought the MC370 used a 60mm fan?
    Are you sure its 70mm?

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  2. Actually, you're right! I remember reading that is was a 70mm but now that I've looked again, it appears to be a 60mm. That should make life easier. Thanks for pointing our my error.

    Anyone know of any good quiet 60mm fans?
  3. well any slower fan will be quieter.
    I thought those pabst ones were pretty decent anyway.
    And with a slower quieter fan comes a reduced cooling ability.

    so you could:
    A. get a slower 60mm fan.
    B. get a rheostat for variable speeds
    C. get a 60mm to 80mm adaptor and run a slow 80mm fan instead, or a temp controled 80mm smartfan.

    <b>My Idea of a DOS attack is to stop posting helpful information at Toms Hardware.</b> :smile:
  4. <A HREF="http://www.vantecusa.com/home.html" target="_new">Vantec</A> ThermoFlow (variable speed, can move max 24CFM) or Stealth (very low noise, only 12CFM).
  5. just remember high speed 60mm fans will have a higher pitched whine to them. i have a pabst on mine which pushes i think around 40cfm )
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