BEX error: Witcher 2 installed on second HDD

Hey guys, Im encountering a BEX error when i try to play games installed on my second hard drive.

I have a 60gb OCZ agility 3 boot drive and a 500gb WD scorpio black as a second storage hdd

I've installed the Witcher 2 enhanced edition on the scorpio black and when i hit play game after opening the launcher it immediately crashes, stating it has a BEX error.

My question is whether i need to format the second HDD in a special way or something for it to allow games installed on it to be played. I've had this problem with other games too.

My specs
i5 3570k
Agility 3 60gb boot drive and scorpio black storage
XFX black ed 750w psu
8gb ram

Cheers for your help fellas, i have exams to study for and i'm in desperate need for procrastination! =D
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  1. Which games are they? While I'm not familiar with BEX errors have you done the normal round of OS upgrades, driver upgrades, repairing the game install (if that's an option), checking OS error logs to get more detail, etc to try to diagnose the issue?
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