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Here's the lowdown, my proccessor fan is on its way out. I assume this because it recently started making a loud humming soud, much louder than it ever was before. Rather than hae AMD replace it (I think it is warranteed) I want to water-cool my system.
I have done no previose liquid cooling so I want to get a kit. I want to spend ~$100-$150. Quite simply, what should I buy?

P.S. Although I prefer kits and precut tubes if there is a large price difference please tell me what to purchase if I shouldn't buy a kit.
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  1. I'm in the exact same situattion, except that my cpu fan has always vibrated a lot (maybe that's why my first cpu broke down just after the garantue expired).

    Anyway, search on this site in the "pc's & howto's" for the "silent and ice cold" article. It also contains the 3rd THG video, showing you how it's installed. Also look on You would be better off knowing some german, because the English part of the site isn't as informative as the german one.

    As you might have guessed, they use an innovatek watercooler there. They've tested it before (search for "water" in the cpu guide). It was the best and "it surpassed the tinkering phase, it 's a professional system."

    It's a bit expensive. The basic kit innovatek offers is about $200. But using "el cheapo" stuff can be a bad dissision in the long run. You don't want leakage for example.

    Oh, and precut tubes is not necesarry, as you will see in the video. It's very easy to do it yourself.
  2. I thought leakage wasn't a problem cause distilled water doesn't conduct, I mean hey if I want I can get my dad to pick op de-ionized water from his work, and that stuff doesn't conduct at all. So long as there is a pressure or flow meter that will shut down the computer in the case of a leak it shouldn't matter.
  3. <A HREF="" target="_new">Swiftech</A> has a system starting at +/- $200. Includes everything, then add the cpu waterblock. I haven't had a problem with their products, and they are usually in the top end of waterblock tests/reviews for cooling.

    At the lower end, <A HREF="" target="_new">Thermaltake</A> has low-end solution for about $170.
  4. What if i put it together myself, then do i have a chance at ~$150 for a complete set?
  5. Doing it yourself you csn come in at under $150.

    Water block - $40
    Radiator (heater core rad) - $30
    Pump - $35
    Assorted tubing, clamps, etc $15
    Large fan - free to $15

    If you're willing to use a recycled heater core radiator you can save even more money (Just be sure to clean it well first).

    Also see this review for the best waterblocks <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> as well as this review for the best radiators <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.

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