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I'm looking at getting a new HSF for my XP 1900+ that will let me do some decent overclocking.

For a Heatsink I'm currently looking at the Thermalright SK-7 or SLK-800. There is a significant price gap between those two models but reviews have not reported a very significant performance difference with similar fan setups. Any ideas?

For a fan, I was wondering what people thought about the Thermaltake SmartFan II. Is it reliable? Fussy? That seems to be a nice option since I can crank up the speed for benchmarking but keep it lower for general computer use. Any other suggestions for good performance fans that are on the quiter side?

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  1. Thermalright SLK-800 HS and Vantec Tornado 8X8cm FAN.
  2. i have a smart fan 2, and the speed controller is nice since on high it is every bit as loud as the 49dB (if i remember right?) that is advertised. turning that knob is a breeze. i dont' have experience with the fan mentioned above, but i like the smart fan 2 because you can make it be as loud and move as much air as the tornado (if that is a loud fan), or make it as quiet and move as little air as the tornado (if it is quiet). you get your choice


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  3. Just get an Alpha PAL8045T with a good fan or the Swiftech MCX462. They are both very reliable. Good design, mounts to the motherboard for a better attachment, and both can be fitted to take 92mm fans if you really need better CFM with lower noise levels.

    I don't like the SLK-800... it weighs way too much for a clip attachment HS.

    The Thermaltake Smartfan is a good choice but if you are overclocking you need the fans speed at max all the time. You can do better like I said with a 92mm fan.

    I am not trying to dissuade you from looking at either Thermalright coolers. I just like the other two much more.

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  4. The Alpha & Swiftech all well and good, but they also cost a significant amount more. I can get a sk-7 with a tt smartfan II for $34, which is about the same price as those two heatsink units. Add a fan, and I'm geting close to $50 which is more than I want to spend.

    Furthermore, reviews have indicated that the thermalrights perform a bit better, meaning I can get similiar performance with a less noisy fan. Oh well...

    Anyone know whether there is a worthwhile difference between artic alumina and artic silver 3 thermal goo?
  5. yes, the 7 and a smartfan 2 is probably your best bet for cost effective cooling.
    the smart fan can either be fun at full speed, controlled by a dial or temp controlled, so you have lots of opions to choose from.

    little difference between them. AS3 is slightly better.

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  6. over at 2cooltek.com they have a alpha 8045 with a panaflow fan for 44.00, just 10 dollars more.

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  7. Well all these years,,I have always trusted GlobalWin..With there Copper HSF series which are milled out of a single peice of Copper,,Not Solderd like some of the others,Im not left out in owneing one.I have to admit,,,Thay are loud,and cost a few bucks more.Yes Copper Has its bad sides.But so does Aluminum HSF. The best thing to do is do your own Homework..This is good place to start.Very Good..But as i found out "what someone suggests,is not what you might want,or need" Happy Hunting
  8. He wants quiet... that one sure isn't quiet.

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  9. Hey....We just suggest what he might need..Loud? Quiet? Good? It does not matter..These are just Forums for Suggestions, and what other people have gone through.Some are better than others (Posters),,,But its like i said "What someone suggests,,Is not what you might want ,or need"..If i dont like a answer too any post i might do? I do my homework..Its a fact..."All Systoms are not the same.They might be set up the same,,But they dont act the same.Thats the life of Electronics.
  10. Yes, but with a peltier and HSF combo you NEED a kick ass fan with high CFM (and thus high rpm) to cool the enormous heat it creates (more then 150W at full load).

    My PC eats so much money that I'm in 'desperate' need of it to buy PC3500 RAM, help Svol with his OC project!
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  11. They say they can... but I will NEVER recommend it and the performance will be crap.

    My PC eats so much money that I'm in 'desperate' need of it to buy PC3500 RAM, help Svol with his OC project!
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  12. Hey man, I've been using the ax-7 and the vantec tornado fan. The cooling is great, however the fan sounds like a jet engine. If you want to keep your sanity, defintly go with an adjustable speed fan. Try www.nexfan.com, they have tons of fans, and really cheap prices. Good luck man!
  13. IMO your still crazy if you do it with aircooling... 60C! With watercooling it would be less then 40C. And think about all that heat stuck in your case.

    My PC eats so much money that I'm in 'desperate' need of it to buy PC3500 RAM, help Svol with his OC project!
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  14. No, because that way you don't increase airflow and only make the fans damage eachother... you have to place them parallel and not in serie.

    My PC eats so much money that I'm in 'desperate' need of it to buy PC3500 RAM, help Svol with his OC project!
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