What is direct3d acceleration, and why does my com say i dont have it?

YO! i have a sony Vaio Vgn-NS325J that "had" windows vista 64bit on it.

(my com used to be able to play high graphic games like crysis, and devil may cry 4)

i upgraded to windows 764bit, and a few days after that i got i got messages saying the Direct3D acceleration wasn't working (or was turned off)

(now i can only play old games like diablo and starcraft)

i tried updating the drivers... that didnt work

i tried updating directx... that also didnt work

when i check the Dxdiag at first it says that the Direct3D acceleration is off, but when i run the 64bit Dxdiag it says its turned on
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  1. Hi :)

    Did you FORMAT the hard drive when installing 64 bit ?

    If so YOU DID get the chipset and graphics drivers from Sony support site ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. i did not format the drive at the time... was i supposed to O.o?

    and one other thing (i dont think ive ever got a straight answer for this) can you only use windows installer cds only once, or can you use it multiple times because you own it?
  3. You can use it multiple times, but you can only have an activated copy on one system at a time, unless you purchase a 2nd license.
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