ill be building my own pc soon i was wondering what motherboard would be the best im not planing on overclocking ill be using the AMDXP 2400 ive searched on newegg for the A7V333-X motherboard with no luck finding it so i picked this board out ASUS A7V333 are they better boards i can get at this price range 121.00 with free shipping i dont want onboard video or audio unless i can disable it and use my own incase something goes wrong with them i would like to stick with an ASUS brand if possible i went to the ASUS website and read that some memory from other companys might not work does anyone know what brands work with this board could i upgrade CPU's if i wanted to latter on also i want the COP were it shuts down the system if it gets to hot to keep from buring the CPU any info would be a great help thanx take it easy on me this is my first post and first project:)
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  1. Hi Im using that board and running Kingmax 512 MGB pc2700 , its working fine.
  2. Please use punctuation (thats full stops, commas btw) as it makes it very hard to read what you are saying, and thus you will get less help from people who cant understand the problem.

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