Is it a wise Idea??? :/ :s

Ok so here it is

A guy is selling a Vita Almost brand new PS VITA WIFI +4 GB memory card+2 games (Uncharted Golden Abyss+FIFA 12). Vita is fully brand new condition with screen protector attached.... Now he is also willing to exchange with my EXPERIA SOLA...

Is it a gud idea to Exchange????

1. Is the Vita Hackable yet???
2. I heard PS3 games can be run!!!! is it true???
3. Shall i Go for it??? I wud reallllllllllllllly wanna get my hands on it

Plzzzz help me decide :s
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  1. for me no, the PS Vita does not seem to be the raging success Sony hoped it would be.
  2. The vita can only run homebrew through a few game exploits right now, and no it can not play ps3 games, but some games are/will be ported to the vita and will most likely play the exact same. I have a vita and i love it, i think its a great system but its only problem is it has a sort of lack of games in my opinion(im a huge rpg fan and theres only one or two not so good ones) but if you look at all the games and see some youd like then id go for it....youll prob need a bigger memory card though too
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