Performance problems with Dishonored AND XCOM:Enemy Unknown

I am having issues with both of these games - both stutter in the game and both have issues with choppy animated scenes, specifically the briefing screen and Skyranger taking off in XCom and the menu in Dishonored.

I have read other threads about this and tried pretty much everything I've seen. I have an I5 2500k, Asus Geforce 560TI and 8GB of RAM, running Windows 7 64 bit.

The one fix I've found is to install Nvidia drivers - at that point if I either play without restarting or restart the computer, the game runs fine. However, if I restart after that point the game performance goes back to normal. In other words, there cannot be a hardware fault or an issue with settings because the games performance is perfect when the graphics driver has just been installed.

I have tried driver sweeper etc to try and clear potential old graphics, I have tried older drivers, I have got rid of non Microsoft programs on startup through config.sys, I've tried reinstalling DirectX 9, changing Physx setting to GPU, fiddled with multiple settings in Nvidia Control Panel, I've tried editing the Xcom engine get the picture.

The only things that link the games as far as I can see are that they both use the Unreal engine, and both use Bink video. Clearly something is fixable by reinstalling drivers, but after restarting is corrupted / altered in some way. It cannot be something from the config.sys as there are times when I have restarted after the driver install and the games work fine.

Any ideas what could be causing this? I'm really enjoying both games but the performance is bugging me!
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  1. This is very interesting, but no fun at all.

    I have a very similiar setup.

    I5 750 (@ 2.67ghz)
    6GB Ram
    Asus GeForce 560 Ti
    Latest beta driver (310.33)
    Win7 Ultimate x64

    Whenever I have booted the computer, I need to reinstall nVidia drivers to get XCOM working smoothly. Dont have Dishonored.

    This is very annoying.

    I have a HP Laptop that I use when I'm on travels etc. Its equipped with I7 and AMD graphics. No issues, no fiddling with drivers. Just power it up and run the game. No performance issues.
  2. I'm interested to know whether you found a solution to the performance problem with dishonored. I am attempting to run it on alienware x51 (i7-2600 CPU, geforce gtx 555) and it is virtually unplayable due to stuttering. Did you find any useful threads on this issue. Am assuming it relates to drivers as opposed to my hardware? I set up the relevant program settings in nvidia control panel.

    Any ideas (for those not overly tech savvy!)
  3. I contacted 2K games support, which found a crash somewhere with kernel32.dll, and they told me to get that fixed.

    So, I ended up with reinstalling my Win7 on a spare harddrive and my problems vanished.

    I could get the game (XCOM) runnig smoothly if I reinstalled the GeFore drives each reboot with Clean install option ticked.
    This had to be done each boot.

    But, reinstalling windows 7 fixed the issue for me... also fixed a shortage of space on my SSD boot device as I forgot to backup loads of pictures, music etc... so remember to backup stuff :P
  4. Had the same problem, fully formatted my PC and installed win 7 again.
  5. coolermaster_72 said:
    Had the same problem, fully formatted my PC and installed win 7 again.

    Assuming that solved the issue for you Coolermaster_ ?
  6. Hi, from the description it sounds like there's a security issue with when you're installing drivers. Make sure that you disable your anti-virus when you're installing the drivers.

    If this is an OS issue, before you wipe your drive to do a reinstall, try the following

    Start > Run > type in:

    cmd /k sfc /scannow

    hit enter, wait for the check to finish (it may take a while depending on the speed of your OS drive)
  7. sfc /scannow did not find any errors.
    Malware checks, nothing found
    AntiVirus disabled while installing drivers and running XCOM didnt fix anything.

    Trust me, reinstalling my OS was a last resort (which is why I tried with a spare harddrive first).
  8. geforce gtx 555

    Um...thats the problem.
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