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I've seen a few questions similar to mine, but none that provided any answers. Here is my set up...

128gig SSD (for Windows 7, and some productivity software)

1tb HD (for games, Steam, and my media collections)

Every 6 months or so I format my HD. Normally I lose everything, yes Steam does have a back up feature, but I'm talking around 750gigs of games in Steam alone, so backing that up would be a pain. But, I'm curious, if Windows is installed to the SSD, and Steam is installed to the HD, and I formated the SSD would I still be able to play the games once Windows is reinstalled? I'm thinking the only issue would be registery problems, but other then that...I can't think of any other problems. Anyone out there try this before?
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  1. Steam mover has nothing to do with doing a clean install of the OS. As the OP said, you will lose all registry settings for the game when this is done.

    You might be able to get away with backing up the portion of the registry that has to do with steam. After reinstalling windows, just double click the backup reg file and it will put the keys back for you.
  2. I had that exact same setup and still found I had to reinstall all the games. It was a good few days of solid downloading (ISP must have loved me!) Although there may be a way around it, I can't think what it would be!
  3. you can just as easily reinstall the said games in a matter of minutes since they are still on your hard drive
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    AntiZig said:
    you can just as easily reinstall the said games in a matter of minutes since they are still on your hard drive

    Agreed - quite recently I re-installed my OS (Win7) on my SSD

    Steam which was living on my HD, remained. When i navigated to it and ran the exe, it complained it wasn't installed properly, offered to fix itself and did so. It then registered that all my previously installed games were installed. The games themselves however to do the initial install again, but were not needed to be downloaded again.
  5. That's great news, I would much rather re-install over re-downloading.

    Thanks everyone.
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