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Need some help with cooling. I have a Antec Plusview1000AMG case and want to put five fans in it and a good heatsink for Intel 2.5 CPU.
1) Should I get regular 80 mm fans with a noise level of 30 dB , would the five fans just make too much noise, or are smartfans the way to go ?
2) If smartfans are the way to go then sould I use the ones with or without the remote probe and which brand ?
3) I was considering Tt volcano 7+, whats your opinion ?
4) Does Antec make good case fans?
5) Are there LED fans with heat sensors ?
I appreciate any and all help
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  1. first of all, why are you getting a 2.5 (instead of a 2.53b) and are you sure you need all that cooling (are you overclocking?)

    1)you're gonna get a lot of noise with five fans @ 30 dB OR with a thermaltake smart fan 2 (is that what you're referring to?). you can change the speed with the smart fan 2...right now i'm using one smart fan 2 blowing in on the side of my case, and it moves LOTS of air, and i can change the speed, which i do all the time
    2)ahh now i see you said which brand, so i'm assuming you're considering any fan with variable speeds, not just the Tt. i've never used the probes, i'd rather see the temperatures and do it by hand (plus i'm never quite sure if i have the probe placed right or if the temperatures it reads are accurate)
    3) i also have a Tt Volcano 7+, it's a very good heatsink that you can probably just leave on medium or low speed all the time. on high it is CERTAINLY loud AND has an annoying high pitch, which is only lost in the din of my music or during the explosions of games. however i do not notice a big temperature difference between medium and high settings (1 degree C, maybe?), and the medium is much more bearable to the ears
    4) i dunno about antec case fans, never dealt with them
    5) the smart fan 2 now comes with LEDs, i know it comes in blue, not sure about what other colors, and it has a heat sensor and a manual control


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