Faxing from Windows application won't work

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I have a document in WP, and I go to "print" and select the windows fax
printer - the send fax wizard comes up and I fill in the info, and hit
finish or send. and NOTHING happens. It shows up in the fax console and
says retries exceeded and fatal errors, almost instantly. ONE time it
was "pending" but never did send. There is no fax dialing noise or
anything. How can I fax from Windows???? (my modem is O.K. - I can get
online all the time)
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  1. I have had the same problem trying to fax from my Dell computer with WinXP. Tried several different ways in various programs. The best I could manage was in one program that offered a 'fax page form'. What this was was a form which allowed space to input a small amount of text which was not very useful. As far as setting up the computer to receive a fax...didn't even come close on that!
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