Low fps in game but during cut scenes its above average.

hey, brand new pc and i cannot for the life of me figure it out, tried a few games all have the same issue during a cut scene i get around 40-50 fps but in game only 10 with all graphic options at their lowest.

if you need the specs ill be happy to give but im 99% sure its not a hardware issue.

cheers in advance.
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  1. Cut scenes aren't really a good measure of anything as they vary a lot from game to game, but if you have a brand new PC that's struggling to run things then something is definitely up.

    I'm assuming you've tried the obvious step of updating drivers etc? If you've done that it'd be worth checking the activity in your cpu/gpu to see if something is maxxing out.

    Including your system specs and the games you are using might help people to zero in on your issue.
  2. hardware spec? can you name the games that you play? the thing is some games use pre rendered video for their cut scenes and some other use real time rendering. for the one with pre rendered scene the frame rates will go up or look much smoother than rendered in real time
  3. +1 ^

    There are also many new computers, if not most new computers which will struggle with gaming. Most PC's only have integrated graphics processors which are not meant for gaming. There are also man low end graphics cards not meant for gaming.

    Your system spec's are definitely needed to know if this is normal or not.
  4. hey cheers for the replys heres the spec's, also a good example of the games was sims 3.

    OS: Windows 7
    Processor: AMD athlon II x2 220
    RAM: 7.00GB
    Video Card: nvidia geforce 9200

    cheers in advance again.
  5. The RAM amount is odd, you sure that isn't 8 GB? Either way, that's plenty of ram. The Processor is old, but could still manage in light gaming, but that graphics card is your biggest weakness. It old and never meant to game with to begin with.
  6. nah it came with 3gb and i added 4gb and thats strange as its a new pc and i was told by a friend it was good, maybe he thought it was somthing else.
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